Benefits Owners, Customers & Employees

Pixel Point is the most efficient little manager to ever enter a restaurant. Consider the benefits to you, your customers, and your employees.

Sophisticated features provide the controls you need in all areas of your restaurant, from point of sale to inventory.

Accurate and personalized service means increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, repeat business.

Flexibility lets you run your restaurant your way.

Fast touchscreen order entry improves server productivity, increasing table turnover, sales, profits and minimizing training costs.

Screen-to-printer ordering means fewer mistakes, less waste, and more harmony.

Computerized billing means no arithmetical errors, increased revenues, faster cash-out reports at shift change.

Fast credit card authorization improves guest service, and the electronic transfer capability reduces the time for moving funds into your bank.

A modular PC-based system that expands and grows with you.

Versatility lets you harness change, the one constant in your business, and seize its inherent profit potential.

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